Our Vision


Worship Saturdays 10:20AM

Our Vision

Beth Yeshua HaMashiach was founded by the late Rabbi Gus Elowitz and his wife, Kathleen, as an outreach to the Jew first and also to the Nations. They wanted a place for those who identified with the Jewish culture or simply had a love for Israel to worship in an atmosphere where they could thrive in. They wanted a place where sound biblical doctrine would be taught from a jewish perspective, One similar to Yeshua's cultural upbringing. They also wanted a place that would host the Glory of Adonai and ignite a passion within it's family to burn brightly for Yeshua. A place to spread His hope and love throughout the greater Houston community.

today, this vision continues under the leadership of their Son, Jonathan.

We at Beth Yeshua are on a pursuit of holiness, and in that, we long to be a congregation filled with an atmosphere conducive for the Glory of Adonai. Our desire is that the Lord reveal Himself to us through signs, wonders, healings, miracles and His glorious love. This is a house of deliverance and restoration, where those once held captive will be set free!! We want to be a people that fully engage in worshipping Adonai through song, dance and a holy lifestyle, all from a jewish lens. Our prayer is that those who enter this house will encounter the glorious presence of Yeshua in the beauty of His holiness.